Rigid-flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCBs consist of one or more rigid multi-layer PCBs connected by flexible parts, usually polyamides.
They are used when it is necessary to have a connection between one circuit and another without the aid of cables and connectors.
The initially higher cost of this product is offset by series production, shorter installation times at the point of assembly and lower maintenance costs.
Reliability, reproducibility, space reduction and quicker assembly are the strengths of this product.

When designing a rigid-flex PCB, account must be taken of the intrinsic characteristics of polyamide, which offers a minimum curvature radius of 5 mm and an angle of 180°.

We can also produce special build-ups according to the specific needs of designers.
If you need a quote or assistance with your design, our technicians are always on hand to help: simply click on the appropriate email address on your right.


Number of layers 1, 2, 4
Base material


Thickness of base material 25, 50, 125, 300 μm
Base copper (copper foil) outer layer 17μm / ½ oz -35 μm / 1 oz
Base copper (copper foil) inner layer 7μm / ½ oz -35 μm / 1 oz
Maximum PCB dimensions 455 mm x 383 mm
Min. track width/min. insulation 150 μm
Min. finished hole size 200 μm
Minimum annular ring on outer layer with metallized or non-metallized hole 0.250 mm - PTH - 0.250 mm - NPTH
Minimum annular ring on inner layer with metallized or non-metallized hole 0.300 mm - PTH - 0.300 mm - NPTH
Minimum clearance between outermost track and edge of outer layer 0.100 mm (routed)
Minimum clearance between outermost track and edge of inner layer 0.200 mm (routed)
We consider slots and millings > 2.0 mm or not round
Surface finish Chemical Silver (AG); selective Ni/Au (ENIG)
Soldermask Specific coverlay
Silkscreen symbol colour Green, red, blue, black, yellow, white
Minimum clearance between individual circuits shaped with a milling machine and/or arranged in a panel > 2.0 mm (CNC shaping)
Minimum clearance between the outermost tracks for cutting circuit panel by means of V-cut scoring > 0.4 mm with V-cut scoring
Electrical testing Standard for all PCBs