Cem 3 ht FR4 HTC

These are a valid alternative to aluminium substrates, with lower costs and the possibility of having a PCB with high dissipation capacity and metallized holes.


Number of layers 1, 2
Base material and thickness

CEM-3 - thickness 1.6 mm

Thermal coefficient 0.8 – 1.0 – 1.2  W/m°K
Min. track width/spacing 0.200 mm
Insulation 0.150 mm
Hole diameter 0.200 mm
Base copper foil 35μm / 1 ounce
Surface finish Chemical Silver (AG)
Solder mask Green, red, blue, black, yellow, transparent, white and high-reflectance white for LEDs
Silkscreen symbol colour Green, red, blue, black, yellow, white
Minimum clearance between individual circuits shaped with a milling machine and/or arranged in a panel > 2.0 mm (CNC shaping)
Minimum clearance between the outermost tracks for cutting circuit panel by means of V-cut scoring > 0.4 mm with V-cut scoring
Production tests Design Rule Check (DRC)
Electrical testing Standard for all PCBs